Learn How To Play The Guitar With Ease

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Tips For Learning How To Play The Guitar

Learning how to play an instrument offers many benefits. Not only does it open your world and your mind to the possibilities of what you can do, there are studies that show it makes you smarter, builds confidence, improves your social life and builds creativity. Although you have many instruments to choose from, the guitar is one that tends to be a favorite.

If you are interested in learning how to play the guitar, you are about to take a step into a bigger world. It is important to keep a few things in mind when you are first starting. In doing so, you will find that your technique improves along with your skills. With practice, you will be playing your favorite songs in no time. Here are a few tips for your consideration.

Learn the grip – One of the most common problems for new guitar players is trying to grip the neck of the guitar like it is going to get away from them. This puts your hand in the wrong position for pressing the strings. It might not be as comfortable at first but learn how to hold the guitar properly from the start. It will make a huge difference in how you play.

Don’t go too fast – When you are first learning how to play the guitar forget about playing fast. At first, it is all about technique and accuracy. Can it get boring learning guitar scales or learning bar chords? Yes, but again, learning proper technique will allow you to master the guitar quickly. The speed will come naturally.

Switch positions – Are you dreaming about running around on stage while you play the guitar? It may happen some day but when you are starting out, stay put. Learn how to play in both a standing and seated position. The additional movements will eventually work their way into your technique.

Don’t be lazy – When you see the correct finger placement for chords, they are there for a reason. This isn’t just some random occurrence. Correct fingering is the product of centuries of playing. There are options but don’t fall for the easy route. When you learn the correct way to play chords, it will eventually open up opportunities for variations and switching chords with ease.

Practice left and right – Sometimes, you want to watch a show but you might feel guilty about skipping practice. There isn’t a need to feel bad. You can practice either left or right hand technique while muting the strings with the other hand. It’s better to practice with one hand than to let the guitar sit in the corner of the room collecting dust.

These are just a few tips to help you get started when you are first learning how to play the guitar. Some may seem redundant but it is really all about technique and practice. If you get the technique right, it will propel you forward at a fast rate. Before you know it, you’ll be playing tunes you never thought possible before.